Size Guide

Discovering Your Ring Size 

Ensuring the perfect fit for your ring is essential. For the utmost precision, we suggest visiting a nearby jewelry store to have your finger professionally measured.


The ideal fit means your ring should feel comfortable, allowing it to glide over your knuckle effortlessly. However, it shouldn't spin too easily once it rests on your finger.


If you're planning a surprise proposal, involving a family member (mother, sister) or a close friend often proves successful. Many people are excited to be part of such a special surprise


Printable Ring Sizer (US Ring Size)

 Short on time? If a trip to the jewelry store isn't feasible, utilize our printable ring sizer.

 Before printing, make sure the page scale is set to 100% in your print dialog box. Follow the provided instructions diligently. Keep in mind that accuracy depends on proper execution, so we always recommend an in-person measurement if possible.


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To double-check your home-measured ring size before making a commitment to your chosen ring, you have the option to order a silver band for just US$10 in your measured size. Wear it for a few days, ensuring it feels comfortable on your finger. If satisfied, proceed to order your final selected ring. Rest assured, we will refund the US$10 (Silver Band Price) once you've successfully placed an order for your ultimate ring.



 While we strive to craft rings to the correct size from the start, we recognize the challenge of predicting sizes, especially for surprise proposals. We offer complimentary resizing for your ring (initial resizing only). Simply return the ring to our manufacturing unit, and cover the US$75 shipping fees for the resized ring.


Please note, certain designs like eternity rings may not be resizable, and some rings can only be resized within specific limits. Excessive resizing, particularly for certain designs, may pose a risk to the integrity of the ring, such as potential diamond displacement in the future. To ensure a smooth process, we encourage you to strive for accuracy in determining your ring size before placing your order.


Pro Tips for Accuracy

 To ensure precision, we advise measuring your ring size on multiple occasions. Finger sizes can vary throughout the day and with the changing seasons. Avoid measuring your ring size during instances of potential finger swelling (after a hot shower, exercise, extreme temperatures, or right after waking up) or when it might be contracted (after swimming, washing dishes, or exposure to cold). This approach helps guarantee the most accurate measurement for your perfect fit